Thursday, March 14, 2013

Long awaited new obsession... Samiee Style

WOWZERS!! it has been ages since Swera and I have posted on this blog.... it is almost like our adult lives have totally taken over.... oh wait... that is precisely what has happened... CRAP! anyhoo, I wanted to share my latest obsession. Now, the whole wide world knows I am madly in LOVE with my beagle baby Dayzie Maye! Well, I am happy to announce that Dayz has a baby sister! I would like to introduce Miss Clareece S. Hedgehog!
 This is Clareece fresh out of the bath
 She likes to snuggle on my belly
 after running the hedgie version of the Indy 500 around the living room she is tuckered out

You haz meal worms for me? Yes?

Clareece is a 4 month (almost 5 month) old female, albino, African pygmy hedgehog. She is still a little timid, but in the month that Charlie and I have had her she has come a LOOONG way. She has a quirky personality (just like us). She enjoys running on her wheel in the middle of the night, doing laps around the living room, chewing Dayzies' dog bones and being rocked like a baby. Her favorite treat are meal worms (yuck). You can follow her adventures on my Instagram:Samieedee. 


  1. I have no idea why I haven't commented before now but I have to say I love your new baby!!!! More pictures please! And more pictures of Daysee!

  2. Thanks SWERA! I love her too! I need to post more in general! I have been so lazy!